Gilded Glass Shower-head to Vortex Perc Concentrate Rig - Pink

  • $249.99
  • Save $26

Beautifully manufactured Gilded Glass dab rig for a blinged out princess out there or anyone who is into pink.

This includes the authentic 24K Gilded Glass logo, vortex percolation as well as shower-head percolation. It has an inline down stem design to the can chamber. The down stem has a showerhead filtration design and the chamber contains the additional vortex percolation to further filter the smoke. This all combines for the smoothest pulls. Gilded Glass does not disappoint, and it's portable to boot. This water pipe includes a quartz nail and is dab ready.

Specifications and Highlights

-10 inches in height

-14mm male joint

-Gilded Glass

-24K Logo

-Flared mouthpiece 

-Scientific glass

-Includes a quartz nail

-Showerhead percolation

-Vortex percolation

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