Frequently Asked Questions

Note for the customer: Some of these conditions are subject to the full launch of our website.

Our products are intended for tobacco and legal use only


-Where are you based?

We proudly ship out of Northern California.

-How are items shipped?

All packages are sent through USPS or Fedex depending on weight. The return address is under Emerald Coast Glass.

-What does shipping cost?

All standard, domestic shipping is free. Expedited shipping costs standard shipping rates. International orders vary.

-Can I change my order?

If you wish to modify your order, contact us as soon as possible by sending us an e-mail at, or send a message to our social media accounts. After orders are shipped they cannot be modified (but unused items may be returned).

-Do you have a phone number?

Our phone lines are down until further notice. We support 24/7 through our live chat or you can contact us anytime through our social media pages.

-How can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible through our live chat or by e-mail at Please include the details of your order in your e-mail to us along with your contact information. If you are not satisfied with your purchase after it is shipped, we offer hassle free returns through our Return Policy. Keep in mind, return shipping is not covered. Make sure your item is carefully packaged upon shipping, as we do not offer refunds on broken items due to customer negligence. 

-How quickly are items shipped?

If orders are made before 12:00PM they are shipped the same day (with the exception of heavy website traffic). If an order is placed after noon, they are shipped the next business day.

-Can I track my order?

You will receive an invoice from your carrier with details about tracking information.

-I never received my order.

Go to your account from the menu in the top right corner, this should display your shipping status. Items which are labeled as 'Fulfilled' have been shipped to their destination per the carrier (USPS or FedEx). If your order has not yet shipped 1-2 business days days after your purchase, contact us by social media, e-mail, or phone, for more information.

-You ship glass, doesn't that break easily?

We go through a great deal to make sure that under no circumstance, during shipping, our items will break. That being said, in the unlikely scenario that an item does break, we have a Return Policy that has you covered.

Returns & Exchanges Frequently Asked Questions

-What if I don't like my product, can it be returned?

Yes, we accept easy returns on unused items only. Simply call and we will issue you can RMA number. Please reference the Return Policy for further details.

-I used my product and I don't like it, can it be returned?

Under no circumstances will returns on used products be accepted. If we receive a product which appears, in any way, to be used, it will be thrown out and no return will be issued. View our Terms and Conditions.

-How long will it take to get my money back on my return?

Generally, it can take 1-3 business days. This can also depend on your individual bank.

Payment Frequently Asked Questions

-What currency is accepted?

We accept USD and Bitcoin.

-How can I pay for my order?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Bitcoin.

-I need an invoice for my order

In addition to what was e-mailed to you and what will come in the box, you can also go to your account (if you created one) and view your orders for a receipt/invoice. If all else fails, you can always give us a call.

-What information do you share or keep?

We understand your privacy is very important, which is why we do not share information with anyone unless necessary to conduct your purchase. If you wish to create a customer account, we will store your information strictly for your future ease of use. You may delete your account whenever you wish.

-Can I cancel my customer account?

Yes, you may cancel your customer account at any time. Accounts exist simply to expedite any future purchases you wish to make. Once your account is deleted, the information is not stored. Additionally, customer accounts are not necessary to make purchases from our store.

-What is your privacy policy?

View our Privacy Policy here.

-How will my order appear on my bank statement?

The order will appear as 'SP * EM Glass' on your bank statement.

-Can I make orders over the phone?

Absolutely, just give us a call during normal business hours.

Products Frequently Asked Questions

-How long will it take until the item I want is restocked?

This can depend on the time of year, volume of orders, or the type of product. Many glass pieces are unique and are not mass produced. That said, many are, and it generally takes 5-10 business days before they are restocked.

-These are some beautiful pictures, are all these for sale?

During restocking or changing inventory, items displayed in photos may not be for sale and simply there to link you to a collection. In addition, some pictures you see on the website are promotional. All items listed in our collections are on sale.

-Why don't you have X, Y, or Z item anymore?

While some items are popular and always being manufactured, other items may be custom made by an individual artist. When certain items are sold, they may never be on sale again due to the unique origin of some products. In other words, some artists enjoy strictly creating unique designs every time they sculpt their glass.